Adult chat married but flirting Cam adul

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Most of my followers here know that I am a married woman in my mid-thirties and that I live in southern England.

Although I have not (yet) been unfaithful to my husband, I have a co-writer on Literotica with whom I share my fantasies, and he helps me write them up into stories.

I knew nothing about how to give a blowjob (Colin taught me all that in the months ahead), but whatever I was doing Bruce seemed to like it. " Fingers shaking, I typed back "Hi Pete." Then added. First time on here." "Welcome, then Hannah." he replied. Over the next few nights I repeated the experiment in front of strangers from Germany (some very late night owls there! The feeling after each of these encounters was the same - a dirty, slutty shaming feeling that I knew would last until the next night when the red blood would once more pump around my veins as I trawled the net looking for my next exhibitionism venue.

He pushed me gently down on the bed and I parted my legs to let him slide between them. I went on like this for about three weeks before I met Ian. I had no idea about where the job sat on the social spectrum.

I know I am far from alone in having what is often referred to as "the slut fantasy".

Colin says that it's my looks that got me those meetings, and that's very flattering, but I wouldn't have been in a position to receive invitations to A-list parties and events if I wasn't associated with the Formula One crowd through Colin, so I owe him that.He came very quickly and stayed in me - buried up to the hilt as his quivering cock emptied its contents into my newly ravished cunt. In fact, Colin's sleeping presence provides in equal measure a bit of calming reassurance and a sense of enhanced wickedness about this whole thing. It's not as if he could rape me through the screen. I took another sip of water and clicked "Next Chat". "Fucked twice in three hours by two different men," I thought to myself. Two months later when it was my own 18th party I asked my friend at whose party I'd met him to invite him, and he turned up mid-way through the evening with a huge bunch of flowers for me. It would be romantic, I guess to say that Colin took my virginity and we'd been faithful to each other ever since, but the truth was I'd already been had by two different men that day - barely hours before Colin walked in with his floral gift. Du Pont, my physics teacher, who deflowered me during a lunchtime tryst at his flat.The second was Bruce, my best friend's boyfriend, who'd been flirting with me for the previous two weeks since we'd gone to the cinema as a group and he'd ended up sitting next to me and spent half the film stroking the inside of my thigh under my skirt (Carla was on the other side and oblivious to what he was doing). The following day I swung from determined not to go, to determined to go, to determined not to go again with equal fervour on an almost hourly basis. It was stupid and dangerous and I didn't even know what had possessed me to give away the information that had obviously (though god knows how) allowed Ian to trace me to my town of residence.

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